Contract for 3 years: Research Engineer in charge of a High Content Screening Service

The Montpellier-Resources-Imaging facility (MRI, has developped for 3 years a new service of High Content Screening and propose to recruit a new engineer responsible of this activity.

The missions of this engineer will be 1) to design, manage, plan and perform various HCS projects, 2) to transfer all the steps from a manual experiment to an automated experiment, 3) to coordinate the different persons involved in the projects  et 4) to promote the activity of this service to the scientific community


The main activity is the realization of imaging screens. For this, the engineer will 

-Define and develop the biological assay with the project leader guiding him through the optimization steps of experiment in manual mode

-Transpose the biological assay from a manual experiment to a high-throughput method defining and doing the procedures with a pipetting robot

-Acquire images with automated fluorescence microscope (Cellomics Arrayscan) and analyze the images in batch

-Interact with the bioinformaticist working in the service to do the bio-statistical analysis leading to the identification of hits

-Respect the specifications defined with the project leader

-Maintain a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art screening technology

-Organise and monitor regular meetings with the project leader

-Respect the ISO9001-2008 quality certification of the facility

-Integrate the MRI organization as a new manager of Service

Knowledges and competences required 

-knowledge in high throughput and high content screening technologies

-knowledge and practice in pipetting robot

-broad knowledge in biology and particularly in cell biology (immunocytochemistry)

-theoretical and practical knowledge in fluorescence imaging

-good practice in english (written and spoken)

-knowledge in official health and safety rules


-ability to interact with the different project leaders and ability to organise few projects in parallel

-ability to invest  in the project and teamwork

-ability to share knowledges and to transmit all the informations  to the dieffernt people involved in the project

Starting date : september 2016 Duration : 3 years

Employed by : CNRS BioCampus UMS3426

Localisation : MRI HCS facility in CRBM institute in Montpellier, south of France

CVs, current research interest/experience and referee contacts should be send to

The selected candidates will be invited to meet us in may or june 2016.