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Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek.

For microplate base application, Agilent provide automated microplate management solution for storage, plate handling, sealing, labeling, centrifuge and automated liquid handler. As example, PlateLoc or Bravo are consider as gold standard for automate plate sealing or pipetting.

Agilent’s expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

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Agilent Technologies France
Parc Technopolis / Z.A. Courtaboeuf
3, Avenue du Canada
CS 90263
91978 LES ULIS Cedex

+33 (0)1 64 53 60 00

Beckman Coulter, Inc., based in Fullerton, California, develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical tests. More than 200,000 Beckman Coulter systems operate in laboratories around the world supplying critical information for improving patient health and reducing the cost of care. Recurring revenue, consisting of supplies, test kits, service and operating-type lease payments, represents more than 75 percent of the company’s annual revenue. “BR” For more information, visit our web site

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Beckman Coulter France S.A.S.
Paris-Nord 2
33, rue des Vanesses
B.P. 54359 - Villepinte
95942 Roissy CDG Cedex

33 (0)1 49 90 92 50

Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation and cryogenic solutions for multiple markets including semiconductor manufacturing and life sciences. Brooks Life Science Systems is the global leader in automated sample management solutions that ensure cold-chain integrity from room temperature to -190° C. The company provides unparalleled experience in cold chain management that removes risk and uncertainty from your process. Offering the scale, stability, and customer support of a worldwide automation company, Brooks “future proofs” your sample workflow investment and maximizes sample availability. The company’s highly reliable, scalable systems and consumables manage sample chain of custody across a broad range of drug discovery and biostorage applications.  Brooks is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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Brooks automation France
1 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle, Tour Suisse
69003 Lyon

Ligne Fixe: + 33 (0)4 76 18 92 00 Mobile: + 33 (0) 637 738 545

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Cisbio Bioassays
Parc Marcel Boiteux
BP 84175
30200 Codolet

+33 674 897 547

Discngine is a French consulting and solutions provider specialized in the development of scientific software and robotic integrated platforms.

Discngine has a strong expertise in pharmaceutical research business processes and provides IT services notably on the following technologies: Accelrys Enterprise Platform (Pipeline Pilot), Oracle database, Web development, chemistry cartridges, molecular modeling tools, R Statistics, and Spotfire.

As a software vendor, Discngine provides a Research Informatics suite:
· Sample module: Multi-type Sample inventory management & ordering
· Assay module: Screening (HTS/MTS) data acquisition & analysis
· Decision module: Multi-source data consolidation & project workflow management
· Qualification module: Robotic process qualification tracking & optimization

Based in Paris, with a team of 18 experienced consultants, Discngine is able to implement end-to-end projects in any size and scope with its own resources.

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33 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011 Paris

+33(0) 1 80 48 66 70

Essen BioScience is a world leader in the field of cell-based in vitro assays and instrumentation. Essen’s founders inventions have spanned nearly twenty years – FLIPRTM, 1994, IonWorksTM, 2002, IncuCyteTM, 2006 and IncuCyte ZOOM, 2012. We employ first class engineers and biologists and today offer instrumentation, assays, drug discovery outsourcing and partnership projects across all platforms. Throughout all our work we have retained significant ion channel expertise and remain close to this community.

Our IncuCyte imaging platform was originally designed as a cell QC tool for IonWorksTM users, in its latest incarnation the IncuCyteZoom offers enhanced features for kinetic cell based assays. Seeing is believing, so our real time traces for migration, invasion, apoptosis, proliferation, angiogenesis, cytotoxicity and much more are backed up by true microscope images and movies. This CellPlayerTM approach allows you to review and replay events as well as detect rare events such a clonal growth and iPSC reprogramming. Designed with ease of use in mind the IncuCyte is remotely accessible from your own desk.

FLIPR and IonWorks are trade marks of Molecular Devices LLC.

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Essen BioScience Ltd,
Broadwater Road,
Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, AL7 3AX. UK.

+44 (0) 7515 947 101

Hamilton Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic systems for samples preparation and storage. The products range from unique, custom laboratory automation solutions (turnkey solutions) on standard applications validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as well as OEM solutions to the top ten diagnostic companies. Hamilton Storage Technologies designs and manufactures cold storage systems for biobanking and other applications. The combination of great know-how of the engineers and experienced scientists in biotechnology, drug discovery, diagnostics and software as well as the constant development and improvement allows Hamilton to satisfy customers’ needs. Precision, innovation, reliability and quality are the philosophy of the technology leader Hamilton Robotics.

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Hamilton Robotics SARL
Le Montreal - ZA de Courtaboeuf
19 bis avenue du Québec
91140 Villebon sur Yvette

+33 (01) 69751616

KBiosystems has established itself as a leading global design and manufacturer of robust, innovative and cutting edge robotic automation solutions to the biotechnology and life sciences industry. Our depth of products and customers alike have meant that our innovative approach to establish and maintain collaborations within our defined markets have optimised workflow and reduced costs for our customers.

Established in 1991, we continue to strive to produce reliable off the shelf products as well as a wealth of experience bringing custom robotic solutions to the market. Our flexible approach has seen our client portfolio increase since our origination and we are committed to bringing an after sales service that is regarded as one of the world’s best.

Our staff have a breadth of knowledge and expertise that enables us to follow the full cycle of our products from design to software, electrical and mechanical engineering then to final manufacture and sale. These strong attributes allow us to offer the best support and hence maintain excellent client relationships.

KBiosystems Ltd, established in 1991, were the first company to develop, design, build and sell Colony Picking instrumentation. Along with our history of building plate sealers, Stacking systems and barcode print & apply, we strive to provide robust, reliable equipment with a strong ethos of customer satisfaction.

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5-10 Paycocke Close
Essex SS14 3HS

+44 (0) 1268 522431

Labcyte, a global biotechnology tools company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is revolutionizing liquid handling. Echo liquid handling systems use sound to precisely transfer liquids without contact, eliminating the use of pipettes. Labcyte instruments are used worldwide throughout the pharmaceutical industry, as well as by biotechnology firms, contract research organizations, and academic institutions. Our customers work across a wide spectrum of scientific research, including drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, personalized medicine, and imaging mass spectrometry. Labcyte has 53 U.S. patents and others internationally. For more information, visit

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Labcyte Inc.
1190 Borregas Avenue
California 94089

+32 471 621 415

In order to acquire meaningful results, choosing the right tools is a crucial criteria for success. MicroTechniX is your partner in choosing these tools required for the automation of image acquisition and/or image analysis routines.

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Molecular Device, LLC., a leader in bioanalytical systems for drug discovery & development, life science research, and bioassay/test development. The company’s systems and consumables enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to leverage advances in genomics and combinatorial chemistry by facilitating the high-throughput and cost-effective identification and evaluation of drug candidates.

Molecular Devices’ product solutions are based on the company’s advanced core technologies that integrate its expertise in engineering, molecular and cell biology, electrophysiology, and chemistry. The company enables its customers to improve their research productivity and effectiveness, which ultimately accelerates the complex process of discovering and developing new drugs.

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Molecular Devices (UK) Ltd.
660-665 Eskdale Road
Winnersh Triangle
Berkshire RG41 5TS

+44 (0)118 944 8000

PerkinElmer is a Leader in Human Health. From compound management and sample preparation to downstream applications for drug discovery, molecular biology, clinical research genomics and proteomics, PerkinElmer, now including Caliper Life Sciences technologies, offers innovative solutions for :

Automation, Liquid Handling,Plate readers, In vivo & In vitro Imaging, Microfluidics, Reagent, Informatics

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PerkinElmer France
16 Av du Québec
Bât Lys
Villebon S/Yvette

+44 (0)1978 666240

Porvair Sciences, specialists in the manufacture of microplate products, serve Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology with microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening.

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Porvair Sciences Limited
Clywedog Road South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wrexham Wales
LL13 9XS

+44 (0)1978 666240

Tecan is a leading global provider of laboratory instruments and solutions in biopharmaceuticals, forensics and clinical diagnostics.

The company specializes in the development, production and distribution of automated workflow solutions for laboratories in the life sciences sector. Its clients include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, university research departments, forensic and diagnostic laboratories. As  original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Tecan is also a leader in developing and manufacturing OEM instruments and components that are then distributed by partner companies.

Founded in Switzerland in 1980, the company has manufacturing, research and development sites in both Europe and North America and maintains a sales and service network in 52 countries.

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Seestrasse 103
8708 Männedorf

+41 44 922 88 88

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and approximately 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific
16, avenue du Québec | 91941 Courtaboeuf Cedex, France


Titian Software is the industry leader in the supply of sample management software and professional services that empower scientists to accurately and efficiently manage and process their samples.  Founded in 1999 with offices in London and Boston, 13 of the Top 20 Bio-Pharma companies currently utilize Titian’s MosaicTM sample management software suite for their day-to-day operations.

MosaicTM includes modules for Sample Ordering, Inventory Tracking, Workflow Management, Order Fulfillment, and Corporate Systems Integration. By using Titian’s products and services, significant customer benefit is realized through increased sample quality, service levels, and sample conversation while reducing error rates and operational cost.

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2 Newhams Row

+44 20 7367 6869

TTP Labtech brings innovative instrumentation to the life scientist to create process efficiencies. It provides state-of-the-art solutions for specific product areas including: liquid handling, cell-based screening, biobanking and sample management.

TTP LabTech’s product family includes: –
Liquid handling:
· mosquito® nanolitre liquid handlers which offer excellent precision and accuracy, irrespective of liquid viscosity
· dragonflyTM liquid handler for simple, fast and accurate crystal screen optimization

Cell imaging:
· acumen®hci imaging system for high throughput, whole cell assays to find lead compounds on single or highly multiplexed targets
· mirrorball® sensitivity microplate cytometer for fluorescence applications enabling rapid screening of cell and bead-based assays

Sample management:
· arktic® high-density biostore for compact and automated -80°C storage of 95,000 samples
· comPOUND® -20°C store offering high-density, robust and secure automated biobanking

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TTP Labtech Ltd
Melbourn Science Park
United Kingdom

+44 1763 262626

Wildcat Laboratory Solutions are providers of small automation systems and consumables for the Biotechnical, Pharmaceutical industries and branches relating to these industries, smaller labs, R&D, Life Sciences and Molecular Biology.

The company’s  range of products include Tube capper/ de-cappers, tube labellers, plate labellers, plate stackers, cryo tubes, tubes,  microplates, seals, acrylic manifolds, 2D barcode readers, solvent evaporators, barcode applicators and much more. Focusing on our technical expertise and the constant development of our products, Wildcat Laboratory Solutions strive to be ahead with cost effective bench top solutions for Laboratory Automation.

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Eschborner Landstrasse 135
D-60489 Frankfurt

+33 (0) 56 30 31 989

The Xpert automation company was founded in 2007, based on 30 years of experience in the fields of automation and robotics for laboratories. The business of the company can be summarized in three main areas, our expertise allows them complementary, if necessary, despite their distinct characters:

The consulting: We provide, for example, assistance from those responsible for libraries to assess and make changes or transfers of bank products and all controllers and associated robots. We integrate in support of project teams and bring optimization potential architectures and implementations related suppliers.

The ‘custom’: We have the ability to study and to provide the adaptation of your items to process automation to best match your needs (special racks, suitable media, carterisation, etc …)

Standard robotic platforms: Xpert Automation holds a patent on an innovative technique, capable of controlling the distribution of a few tenths of a milligram of powder. Working with Beta testers representative of the sector, the company is finalizing the development of a robotic platform for direct production minitubes stock solutions from solid compounds for banks and screening products. All 1D and 2D identification features, Capping and Labeling are integrated. These features are also déclinables in a dedicated logistics platform. Platforms and XpertDose XpertLogistics will be on the market by the end of 2014.

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Xpert Automation
24, rue Pasteur

+33 (0)6 86 86 35 60

Zinsser Analytic GmbH is a privately held family company run by the Zinsser family. The company was founded in 1970 by Werner and Christel Zinsser for the distribution of scintillation cocktails and consumables for liquid scintillation counting. Today, Zinsser Analytic is an international company well known not only for their scintillators and high quality vials , but also for developing, producing and distributing innovative robotic laboratory solutions for liquid , powder, viscous materials handling as well and , more globally speaking for tailor-made automation for modern drug discovery, material science and chemistry.

These systems are supplied to leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and electronic companies and research laboratories worldwide.

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Eschborner Landstrasse 135
D-60489 Frankfurt

+49 69 78 91 060