The Robotics Club

The Robotics Club has existed since 1996 and we have proposed in our meeting in Wavre May 24 to give it a formal structure to make it more visible, open to new users and members (see slides attached in the email ). In short, give it a new life …


Why? Because we want to:

Sustain the group and develop to include all Francophone countries


Link technology to science in our meetings


Pursue innovative scientific and technological developments


Open up new areas


Create a wider network of French-speaking users


Facilitate the organization of meetings



img-a-proposcreated an association withlaw 1901, organized around a desk and a board of directors elected by the general assembly composed of members. These bodies will be responsible for the scientific direction of the strategy of the association to seek funding for the organization of scientific events. The purpose of this change is twofold:

Organize one or two conference (s) in the presence of annual equipment suppliers, with exhibition area, and a higher profile to raise the presence of more participants and richer exchanges.

Keep the spirit of sharing Robotics Group, holding a half-day discussion between users, without the suppliers.

This proposal was approved by a unanimous vote of the participants (34) Robotics Club present on May 24 at GSK.

The office will now get to work to change the Robotics Club to a Francophone Elrig keeping the spirit club. We will work with you and everyone can make a contribution. We therefore expect you to complete the CA and office.
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