ELRIGfr event in Rennes, 3 & 4 may 2016

Lab Automation, Formulation & Phenotypic screening


Program was on 2 days with

3 Workshops in parrallel :

  • Robotic & Liquid Handling (RLH project)
  • Pipeting calibration
  • New robotic platform acquisiton: how to make it right

3 sessions: 

– Drug discovery by phenotypic screening : sponrored by Beckman Coulter

  • ANCHORTM tagged autofluorescent viruses from high content screening to deep in cell localization (Franck GALLARDO, NeoVirTech)
  • Patch-clamp automation for cardiosafety screening (Andres BOHME, Sanofi)
  • New generation of phenotypic screens: the missing link! (Jean-Philippe STEPHAN, Servier)

– Automation of innovative cellular models : sponrored by Discngine

  • Screening of large compound libraries on cellular assays in 1536 well format (Steven VAN HELDEN, Pivot Park)
  • 3D cell automation using Biomimesys plates from Celenys (Julian BURSZTYKA, HCS Pharma & Elise DEMANDE, Celenys)
  • Modeling neurological disorders using human induced pluripotant Stem cells-derived neurons (Dorothée BUTTIGIEG, Neuron Expert)
  • Pluripotent stem cells technologies for drug discovery in Huntington’s disease: Preventing neuronal loss with REST inhibitors? (Anselme PERRIER, Istem)

– Automation of formulation & physchem : sponsored by Zinsser Analytic

  • Robotic API Solid Form Screening (salt, Co-crystals, Polymorphs,…) as a fundamental in Drug Formulation all along the entire value chain (Jérôme MENGETTO, Evotec)
  • Innovation beyond Liquidhandling – unintended use of Hamilton STAR in White Biotech (Gernot ABEL, Novozymes)
  • Determination of Lactic acid bacteria nutritional requirements : use of a unique robotic phenotyping system to accelerate process improvement initiatives (Flora PICARD & Fabienne GARNIER, Danisco)

For each session, round table was organized to exchange on the different processes in pharmacology, cosmetology and agronomy field.

Sponsors :

– Silver: ThermoFisher


– Bronze: BMG Labtech, Cisbio, Hamilton, TTP Labtech, Zinsser Analytic

BMG LABTECH   CISBIO   HAMILTON   ttplabtech_masterlogo_rgb   ZINSSER ANALYTIC

Exibithors : Agilent Technologies, Amarok, Beckman Coulter, Biotek Instruments, BMG Labtech, Brooks, Cellular Dynamics, Cisbio, Discngine, Essen BioScience, Eurofins Cerep, Hamilton Robotics, HCS Pharma, IDBS, Imactiv-3D, Integra Biosciences, Labcyte, Molecular Devices, PerkinElmer, Porvair Sciences, Quantacell, Safas Monaco, Tecan, ThermoFisher Scientific, Titian, TTP Labtech, Wildcat, Xpert-Automation, Zinsser Analytic, Rennes Metropole


To review this meeting in pictures :


Du 03.05.2016
au 04.05.2016

A Rennes